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Week ending - December 6, 2019

CTV Division 1: Maia Ehmann, St. Mary's Flames, Forward #8

Maia personifies the Flames. She’s feisty, hard-working, fights for the puck, and often makes the right play at the right time. On Thursday against the powerful Sanford Sabres, Maia skated hard from one end of the rink to the other, never letting up, earning her a hattrick for a 3-1 Flames victory.  Maia has 12 points for the season. Congratulations Maia! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Emma Pool, Sturgeon Heights Huskies, Forward #7

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and that’s exactly how Emma played on Tuesday against the Garden City Gophers. Behind 1-0 in the third period, Emma turned on the booster rockets, scoring the tying goal, followed by a sparkling play where she roofed the winning goal plus an insurance goal for the hattrick and a 3-1 victory for the Huskies.  Emma is the Huskies leading scorer with 17 points. Congratulations Emma! 

Hire Marketing Division 3: Emily Gutoski, Springfield Sabres, Forward #10

On Monday night in a hard-fought, down to the wire game, Emily stepped up to plate. Through a combination of skill and determination, Emily delivered the final hit, scoring in overtime for the Sabres 2-1 win over the number one ranked Murdoch MacKay Clansmen. On Friday, Emily scored another goal in the Sabres 5-2 win over the TCI Titans. Congratulations on a great week Emily!


Week ending - November 29, 2019

CTV Division 1: Kate Rogers, Beliveau Barracudas, Forward # 19

On Wednesday, Kate turned on the jets against the Kelvin Clippers scoring 1 goal and adding 3 assists.  Her huge impact on the ice led to the Barracudas 4-2 victory as they fought hard to maintain their lead. Two days in their 5-1 loss to the Shaftesbury Titans, Kate skated with high intensity and passion, never giving up from puck drop at the start the game to the final whistle. Kate is one of the Barracudas leading scorers with 6 points for the season. Congratulations on a great week Kate! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Natasha Lachiver , CSLR Renards, Forward #4

Natasha played a phenomenal game, setting up cycles and making great decisions, which netted her 1 goal and 1 assist in the Renards 4-1 victory over Miles Mac Buckeyes on Wednesday. Despite Natasha’s never-ending desire to win, the Renards hit a roadblock on Thursday with a 2-0 loss to the Garden City Gophers, but during the final game of the week, Natasha scored another goal in their 5- 0 win over the FRC Centurions earning her the Renards’ top scoring spot with 11 points. Congratulations on a great week Natasha! 

Hire Marketing Division 3: Jaida Silvaggio, CPET Canadiennes, Forward #14

Jaida had an incredible week of our standing play. On Tuesday, she scored both goals in the Canadiennes’ evenly matched, hard-fought 2-1 victory over the WKC Wolverines. Jaida carried the play and fought endlessly for puck control, setting up scoring chances for her fellow teammates while back checking the Wolverines to prevent goals.  Jaida scored another goal and an assist in the Canadiennes 4-2 loss to the Glenlawn Lions on Friday, helping her to finish in the top three League scorers with 21 points.  Congratulations Jaida! 


Week ending - November 22, 2019

CTV Division 1: Mackenzie Ramsey, Jeanne Sauve Olympiens, Forward #3

Mackenzie may be small, but her inner lion roared this week helping her team claim two victories.  On Tuesday, she scored 2 goals and an assist in the Olympiens 3-0 win over the VMC Trojans. Mackenzie was the best player on the ice beginning to end, and she carried that over to her next game Thursday, working hard in the corners and in front of the net in tight 3-1 loss against the third ranked Selkirk Royals. Mackenzie is the Olympiens leading scorer with 6 points this season. Congratulations Mackenzie! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Megan Huscroft, Garden City Gophers, Forward #3

Megan displayed an intense desire to help lead her team to a pair of victories this week. On Thursday, she scored 2 goals, had many other shots and set up her teammates for scoring changes leading to the Gophers 5-1 success over the FRC Centurions.  Friday, Megan scored another goal and assist in the Gophers 3-2 win over the third ranked River East Kodiaks. Megan is the Gophers leading scorer with 5 points this season. Congratulations Megan! 

Hire Marketing Division 3: Jenna Sellen, Springfield Sabres, Forward #21

Jenna played a huge part in the Sabres two victories this week proving that hard work brings success. On Tuesday, Jenna scored one goal and displayed plenty of effort and hard work in their victory over the Westwood Warriors. Three days later the Sabres were up against the Glenlawn Lions and once again Megan worked hard the whole game and ended up scoring the winning goal late in the third period. Congratulations Jenna!


Week ending - November 15, 2019

CTV Division 1: Melayna Drozd, Sanford Sabres, Forward #16

Melayna was on fire this week and a dominating force on the ice helping the Sabres to two important victories.  On Wednesday, Melayna scored 2 goals and 3 assists guiding the Sabres to a 6-2 win over the Shaftesbury Titans, and then on Thursday, she scored another two goals in their 3-1 win over the VMC Trojans. Melayna was the driving force behind all team goals scored this week including a nice semi-break away goal of her own. Melayna is the Sabres leading scorer with 13 points for the season. Congratulations to Melayna! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Ava Memka, JH Bruns Broncos, Forward #13

Ava had a monstrous week, playing with determination and a desire to do her best to help her team win both games played this week.  On Tuesday, Ava came out flying against the Sturgeon Heights Huskies, scoring the hat trick for the Broncos commanding 4-1 win. Two days later, she scored a goal and added an assist in a hard-fought 2-0 win over tenacious Garden City Gophers. Ava has 8 points for the season. Congratulations Ava! 

HIRE MARKETING DIVISION 3: Payton Zubec, Westwood Warriors, Goalie #1

They say the best defense is the best goal tending and that's what Payton Zubec of the Westwood Warriors provided her team this week in back to back games against the WKC Wolverines. On Tuesday, Payton stood on her head stopping 42 of 42 shots, some of them unbelievable stops for a shut out and 1-0 win. Three days later, Payton made stropped 20 out of 21 shots including more fabulous stops, but they this time the Warriors were unable to score in their 1-0 loss to the Wolverines. Congratulations Payton!


Week ending - November 8, 2019

CTV Division 1: Ella Friesen, Shaftesbury Titans, Forward # 10

Ella was dynamite on the ice this week with both a strong offence and defensive game. On Tuesday, she helped the Titans beat the Beliveau Barracudas 5-1 scoring one goal and an assist.  On Wednesday, Ella picked up her pace in the Titans hard-fought 4-3 shoot out win against the Jeanne Sauvé Olympiens scoring a goal in regulation as well as the shootout winner in a 4-3 win. Congratulations Ella! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Abigail Parsons, Dakota Lancers, Forward, #2

Abigail was instrumental in the Lancers definitive 4-1 win over the SJR Eagles this week.  Her amazing and strong end to end ice performance earned her a hattrick including the game winning goal.  Congratulations Abigail! 

Hire Marketing Division 3: McKenna Lorentz, TCI Titans, Defence #15

McKenna’s hard work and determination earned her a goal in the Titans 2-0 win over the WKC Wolverines on Tuesday, and two more goals in their dominating 8-0 win against the Lorette Scorpions on Wednesday.  Congratulations McKenna!


Week ending - November 1, 2019

CTV Division 1: Anna Brownridge , VMC Trojans, Forward #7 

Anna is hard working, determined and dedicated to being the best she can be to help her team be successful on and off the ice. Anna started the week with 2 goals and an assist in the Trojans' 5-3 victory over the Shaftesbury Titans and ended the week with a goal against the Beliveau Barracudas in a 3-0 win.  Congratulations Anna!

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Kate Stewart, Miles Mac Buckeyes, Forward #4 

Kate started the year much like she did last year, working hard and paying dividends for her team. On Monday, Kate scored 2 goals and a helper in the hard fought 4-3 win over the PCI Saints, and then Wednesday helper her team secure another tough win over the River East  Kodiaks, scoring 1 goal and adding 2 assists in the 5-4 win.  Kate is her team's scoring leader with 10 points this season. Congratulations Kate!

Hire Marketing Division 3: Cally Phillips, Lorette Scorpions , Forward #12 

Cally Phillips was a dominant force on Wednesday, helping her team secure their first win of the season, 3-2 OT against the tough WKC Wolverines. The Scorpions were behind two goals entering the second period when Cally turned it up a notch. She scored a hard-fought goal in the second period, assisted the tying goal in the third, and then scored 18 seconds in overtime to claim victory. Congratulations Cally! 


Week ending - October 25, 2019

CTV Division 1: Claire Bumstead, Kelvin Clippers, Defence #5 

Claire was instrumental in helping her team beat the Jeanne Sauvé Olympiens 6-2 in the League opening game on Monday. Claire scored 2 goals and an assist, and her excellent control of the puck and ability to move well from end to end contributed to her team’s victory.  Congratulations Claire! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2:  Kaitlynn Anderson, River East Kodiaks, Forward #4 

Kaitlynn played a pivotal role in two Kodiak wins and secured 4 points this week. On Monday, she battled hard, played with intensity and was rewarded with the lone goal for an exciting 1-0 OT win over the PCI Saints. On Thursday, Kaitlyn had a good overall game, scoring 2 goals in their 5-0 win over the Oak Park Raiders, and she ended the week with an assist in her team 3-4 loss against the CSLR Renards on Friday. Congratulations Kaitlynn! 

Hire Marketing Division 3: Sarah Rach, Murdoch MacKay Clansmen, Forward #10 

Sarah Rach had an incredible performance this week netting 5-points in two games.   On Monday in the Clansmen’s 2-2 tie against the CPET Canadiennes, Sarah delivered both Clansmen goals; she was her lines leader controlling the puck for multiple zone entries and was effective fore-checking behind their opponent’s net.  On Thursday, Sarah scored a goal and 2 assists for a team win over the WKC Wolverines.  Congratulations Sarah!


Week ending - October 18, 2019

CTV Division 1: Morgan Baker, Selkirk Royals, Goalie #30

The Selkirk Royals came out blazing this first week of the season. With the outstanding effort of their goalie Morgan Baker, the Royals were victorious against the Jeanne-Sauve Olmpiens.  Morgan was the backbone of her team, making 25 stops including some incredible saves for a 4-0 shut out win. The next day, Morgan had another incredible game for the Royals helping them defeat the equally strong Shaftesbury Titans with a score of 3-2. Congratulations Morgan! 

Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Lisa Slater, FRC Centurions, Goalie #1

After taking a season off, the FRC Centurions started this season on a positive note, winning a hard fought battle against the SJR Eagles. The Centurions' victory can be attributed to the amazing performance of their goalie Lisa Slater who battled hard and stopped some amazing shots that would have otherwise found the net and led to a blowout defeat. Instead, Lisa demonstrated her expertise and passion to win. Congratulations Lisa!   

Hire Marketing Division 3: Ella Maternick, Glenlawn Lions, Forward #2

The Glenlawn Lions started the season strong with a game one victory over the rookie TCI Titans. In a hard-fought battle from the first whistle to the last, the Lions Ella Maternick used her speed to be quick on the puck, fore-checking and causing several turnovers in the offensive zone. Ella also had a nose for the net scoring 2 goals in their 3-2 win. Ella continued her performance by helping her team to a 6-0 win over the WKC Wolverines. Congratulations Ella!



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